Gregg Shorthand courses
Performance Testing
Personal - Academic
  • A social forum for sharing your shorthand tips, tricks and experiences.
    Self enrolment
  • This course is unfinished and undergoing testing. If you choose to pay for the course, you will NOT get refunded.

    Learn the various forms of dictation, their different uses and how to perform them successfully yourself.

    This course uses the Standard Word Count formula for determining speed in words per minute for all audio recordings.

    If you have questions about this coming course, please use the contact form. Thank you.
    Self enrolment
  • Dictation Practice Plan Room.

    The tutor meets with each participant to assist in designing a plan that works best for their progress based on the participant's material uploaded from the desired or specialized field needed.  Participants continue to use the room until they've reached their goal or need a different plan devised.

    Increase shorthand writing speed, enlarge personal vocabulary, improve transcription ability and/or build reading speed from a timed reading activity.   

    Self enrolment
  • Getting shorthand help in the areas most needed.

    The first 30 days is free and the Tutor manually enrolls student.  Afterwards, a re-entry fee is paid and a pass key emailed.

    Self enrolment
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