Welcome to SCC's Greenhorn Valley Shorthand!

Would you like to teach your shorthand class but don't have the space or wish to install classroom software? Welcome to SCC's Greenhorn Valley Shorthand!

Build your customized course for individual students, separate groups and projects, special tutoring sessions or as a self-paced, online distance learning course.

If you're interested in teaching a class and having a supplemental income, then you've still come to the right place! We'll provide the space and teaching tools needed to build your classroom. And while creating your classroom, you can hide it from the public until you're ready for students to enroll. So bring your teaching talents to SCC on the art of shorthand writing or your parallel specialty!

Watch your class, class groups and student workshops bring you delight as they all progress in their shorthand or shorthand-related knowledge. Schedule class events, shorthand contests and more! You're the educator, and you set the rules for every shorthand activity inside and outside of your class.

Need some basic training on how to build your classroom and understand the teaching platform available? Great! We've got that too! Relax and know this is where you want to be!

Within the Moodle Features Demo free course, all tools, activities and resources featured can be utilized by the teachers. An Empty Sandbox room is also available to teachers when they want to experiment outside of their structured classrooms. The Sandbox room is reset often and doesn't retain many user creations.

Have questions? Email Ms. Letha or the Admin User at teachme@ghvalley.net.

Thank you for your interest.

Ms. Letha Sanders
ShorthandClasses.Com Owner

Last modified: Monday, 4 June 2012, 02:38 PM