WooWee...Study Rooms!

Hi there! The "Study Rooms" link is an actual course title, but you'll use it to create a personalized mass of study rooms for different purposes. You'll find many files you can upload into your study rooms that are used site-wide.
  • Bring a friend and start building your practice and study rooms right away! Open a private study group just for you alone or your study-buddies.
  • Take the free Moodle Features Demo course first to see and experiment with the things you can add to your practice/study rooms.
  • Schedule a time to meet regularly and add it to the calendar.
  • Use the chat room to talk things over while you construct. (works like instant messaging and remembers your messages for 30 days).
  • Go to the "Study" forum to make your plans permanent and as a help to other study-buddies.
  • Create your own logs and workshops for meeting goals, comparing each other's work and even grading and testing yourselves.
  • Upload your own dictation files at different speeds. You'd be surprised how different voices can stimulate your motivation AND hand movement!
  • Create your own shorthand reading assignments in shorthand and upload those files.

Being creative to make study rooms fun takes work and determination. If you and/or any of your friends would like to build your own study environments that will always be free access and a help to other shorthand learners looking for the same buddy-environment, get started and watch these rooms expand with more help than you ever imagined!

Whatever you can possibly think of that you'd personally need for yourself, you can have it here free.

Any information created or uploaded to the study rooms is part of the study rooms for everyone's free use. Make sure to sign and date your newly created material as we would all like to know who contributed it. Thank you.

Feel free to ask questions or to obtain help in getting you started; just email Ms. Letha at teachme@ghvalley.net and reference "Study Rooms" in the subject line.. If you don't need help, go ahead and start creating!

May these study rooms continue to help you for as long as you need them or choose to use them.

Thank you,

Ms. Letha Sanders
SCC Owner

Last modified: Monday, 4 June 2012, 02:38 PM